Past Perfect is a Heritage Management agency that provides archival services to institutions, organisations and private families who are proud of their legacy and value it as a source of inspiration for future generations. Apart from building collections and setting up archives, Past Perfect also provides documentation, oral-history and research services.

The Willingdon Sports Club, Mumbai

Cataloguing and Research

The Willingdon Sports Club, established in 1917, is one of India's oldest and most prestigious clubs, that boasts of a long list of eminent personalities as members. Past Perfect has helped the Club in documenting its archival collection which includes Minute Books, correspondence and files from 1935 to 2014. In addition, Past Perfect is providing curatorial services for the club's centenary volume by undertaking a study of minutes, dossiers and other filed records. We have conducted oral history interviews with eminent members to capture the undocumented history which supplements our primary research.


Collection Management and Cataloguing

Sarmaya Arts is a private collection covering a range of genres such as photographs, maps, engravings, coins, tribal and contemporary art. Past Perfect has provided documentation and cataloguing of more than 2500 pieces of art and antiquities. In addition, Past Perfect has also provided content for Sarmaya Arts webpage and online museum.

Bharat Flooring Tiles & Co

Research and curation

PPHM carried out intensive archival research in view of setting up the Bharat Flooring & Tiles Archive. In the process of setting up the BFT archive, the team also curated heritage driven marketing initiatives as run-up to BFT's Centenary Celebrations. The first of such initiatives was an exhibition titled 'Paving the Way, held at Chatterjee & Lal from 8th May to 14th May 2019. The exhibition traced and juxtaposed the company's history since inception against the backdrop of Bombay's architectural heritage.


Research and Analysis

Past Perfect has provided research assistance to Phantom Films, a media production house, for an upcoming period-based web-series. The project saw us investigate specific aspects from Bombay’s history and culminated into a nifty compilation based on original archival material and first-hand accounts.


Family Archives

Past Perfect is setting up an archive for the Bajaj Family by tracing their legacy right from Jamnalal Bajaj up to the generation that handles the business today. Currently, Past Perfect's role in this project includes designing the system of archiving and retrieval of material in the archive, planning and providing archival storage solutions for the material, conducting various oral history interviews to cover all facets and aspects of the Bajaj family and ensuring optimum utility of the archive whenever required. Apart from laying the foundation of an archive using various archival processes, the Past Perfect team also undertakes external sourcing, research and analysis of the material as well as content development for any initiative that is made or centres around the legacy of the family.


Archiving and In-depth Research

The PPHM team is involved not only in assisting the creation of an archive on renowned contemporary artist, Padma Bhushan Akbar Padamsee, but also conducting an in-depth research study on the way visual arts evolved in India over the period of 1940-1980. Detailed documentation of the material within the archive to creating data-sets that could help retrieve and understand the material from varied perspectives to interpreting and understanding the research subject through layered interpretations and contextual approaches.


Archiving & Documentation

PPHM created a searchable catalogue for the collection of private papers of Narayan Ganesh Chandavarkar, an early Indian National Congress politician and Hindu reformer. The project also led to the team carrying out research across the collection to identify the significant milestones and records showcasing the personality’s life and identifying confidential documents for the family.


Family Archives

Past Perfect has assisted Roli Books in carrying out research for a few book projects across various repositories of Mumbai. The process followed by Past Perfect for these projects involved going through indexes and catalogues across a number of repositories and libraries, filtering through the material based on the subject of research and then sourcing, procuring and sending the same to Roli Books Pvt Ltd.